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Gymnastics Learning Center Pricing

One-Time Registration Fee:

1 child                                   $25
2+children/family             $50


Monthly Tuition Per Family:

Time Per Week
45 Minutes            $60
1 hour                    $80
1.5 hours               $100
2 hours                 $120
2.5 hours              $140
3 hours                 $160
Single Child Unlimited     $180  (Team classes do not apply)
Family Unlimited Plan     $230  (Team classes do not apply)

GLC’s Read-N-Roll Academy:

Read-N-Roll Academy is the only fitness-based Kindergarten preparation program in the area.  Specially designed classes will help develop reading readiness and Kindergarten entrance skills. Time will be devoted to color, number, and letter recognition and use along with social and physical skills development.  Curriculum will also include beginning math and science concepts.

R-N-R classes are for 3-5 year olds and are held Monday – Friday AM (9am-11:00am) and PM (12:00pm-2:00pm).  Each class is split between gymnastics, group/circle, and table time.

Wait lists are forming now for September 2011.

Classes Available 2013

6 Responses to Pricing

  1. Laura Perez says:

    Hello ~ Can you please tell me what the family unlimited plan is?
    Thank you

  2. glcstaff says:

    The regular “Unlimited” price included ALL weekly classes at your child’s level plus all Open Gyms (Fridays 4-6p and Sat 9-10a) and the monthly Date Nite (3rd Sat 6-10p). The Open Gyms and Date Nite are a possible $150 value in themselves!

    The “Summer Unlimited” special is for weekly classes only. If you pay for 1 time per week during the months of June, July and August, you can attend ALL weekly classes at that level. No need to worry about make-up classes while you are on vacation!

  3. Dominic says:

    Just confirm: if my daughter only goes once a week for 45 minutes the cost is $55 per month, or per session?

  4. Teena says:

    …… I am a bit confused…. IS it 55 per week… OR month?

    • glcstaff says:

      The prices listed are per MONTH. So if you have a child in a Level 1 (1hr) class and another in a KinderGym (45min) class then your tuition for 1.75hrs per week is $105 per MONTH. Hope that helps….

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