Frequently Asked Questions

Question: “Did the gym move?”

Answer: Yes… and… no.

To clarify: Yes, “the gym” (as in “the equipment”) has moved to the Westside Santa Cruz.

AND no.  The business (Santa Cruz Sports Central) and the program (Gymnastics Learning Center) have changed the name into one new and exciting venture: Ohana Gymnastics.

Come check out our beautiful new home, and name, on the second floor of the University Business Park (formerly the Wrigley’s Building) at 2801 Mission St., Santa Cruz, CA 95060.

In Hawaiian, “Ohana” means “family” and we feel it’s the best way describe our community. Come visit your/our acrobatic family.  Come soon. Stay awhile. Come often.

Question: “I bought a Groupon from Gymnastics Learning Center a couple of months ago. Can I still use it?”

Answer: YES we will be honoring all groupons.

Visit our new website:

Our “soft” opening is Monday, February 3rd, 2014 and the class schedule is under “classes.”

Or look for our online registration this week.

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University Business Park

Our gym’s new home is at the University Business Park (aka Old Wrigley’s Building)

We’re still “UNDER CONSTRUCTION,” so it’s a bit funky to find our space in the warehouse.

Since we’re holding our first workout (competitive team members) tonight (1/16/2014), here are some visual aids:

Step 1: Find the building
2801 Mission St, Santa Cruz, CA 95060


Step 2: go thru center entrance

Step 3: up one flight of stairs

Step 4: thru doors, towards vending machines

Step 5: Turn LEFT, pass bathrooms, thru doorway

Step 6: turn RIGHT, down the hallway

Step 6.1: Play a game of Angry Birds!

Step 7: continue (left) down the hallway

Look out for crazy person riding a skateboard down the hallway

YOU’RE THERE!!! Woohoo!

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Way to go boys!

will floor orivilleHappy New Year, INDEED!

Santa Cruz Sports Central boys gymnastics team competed this weekend at the Oroville Invitational and the results were awesome!

Lukas (level 5), Trevor (level 6), Will (level 9) and Nathan (level 10) all performed amazing gymnastics, showing that neither a winter break nor a gym move to a new location could slow these boys down one bit.

nathan oroville ringsNathan took top honors, winning the level 10 all around competition with a 79.00.  He also brought home gold on pommel horse (12.6), still rings (a whopping 14.00) and parallel bars (14.2, whoa, Nelly)!

will floor oroville2Will had a solid meet all around, finishing in 5th place with a 67.40. Floor was his strongest event. His new mount (1 1/2 twisting back layout) was beautifully performed and followed by an equally impressive set of passes and transitions to earn a silver medal with a score of 13.2.  Awesome.

While earning his season high all around score of 50.0, Lukas also rocked the house on floor (9.0, 4th place) and vault (9.4, 9th place) as well as some of his strongest performances ever on the other events.

Trevor had tough competition in his age group, but that fazed him none.  He finished 8th place with 54.10 all around, once again surpassing this year’s challenging State Championship qualifying score.  His clean lines and solid landings earned him 2nd place on floor (9.4) as well as his season high on pommels (9.4) and vault (9.3).

Stay posted for more adventures and accomplishments as this year’s competition season progresses.

Coach Breeze

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